Principal Investigator:


Benjamin J. Clark, Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor of Psychology 

Graduate Students:


Laura Berkowitz, M.S. (Psychology)google_scholar_logo_2015


Tia Donaldson, M.S. (Psychology)google_scholar_logo_2015


Monica Goncalves-Garcia, B.A. (Psychology/Hamilton Lab)google_scholar_logo_2015


Ryan Harvey, M.S. (Psychology)google_scholar_logo_2015


Lilliana Sanchez, M.S. (Psychology)google_scholar_logo_2015

Ronald E. McNair Scholars:


Kimberly Rogge-Obando (Chemical Engineering)

Judit Huerta (Criminology/Psychology)

RA Appreciation BBQ – June 2019

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RA Appreciation BBQ – June 2018


Clark Lab Alumni:

Victoria Roy, Psych 499 Student and Undergraduate Research Technician

Kimberly Rogge-Obando, Ronald E. McNair Scholar

Maria Gabaldon-Parish, High School Research Intern (BA/MD Program at UNM)

Jonathan Goss, Psych 499 Student & Research Tech (IT Support Specialist at Systems MD)

Monica Goncalves-Garcia, Psych 499 Student (Grad Student at UNM in Hamilton Lab)

Margaret Austin, Psych Honors Student (Research Assistant at UNM in Moyers Lab)

Jacob Ring, Psych Honors Student (Recipient of the Rachael Dowler Outstanding Honors Thesis Award)

Danielle Benthem, Psych 499 Student (Grad Student at FSU in Wilber lab)

Jack Madden, Psych 499 Student (Grad Student at UNM in Pentkowski lab)

Krystalyn Sanchez, Psych 499 Student (Graduate Student in Mental Health Counseling at UNM)

Tanner Rigg, Work Study Student (Post-bacc at NIAAA in Holmes lab)

Shannon Thompson, Post-baccalaureate (PREP) Scholar (Grad Student at Miami U in McMurray lab)

Elizabeth Sneddon, Psych 499 Student (Grad Student at Miami U in Radke lab)

Lilliana Sanchez, Psych 499 Student (Grad Student at UNM in Clark lab)

Gina Marie Storch, Research Intern (Social Worker at Alliance Home Health Care)

Joshua Rysanek, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Teach For America)

Tamara Zera, Psychology Honors Student

Sierra Yazzie, IMSD Student

Ana G. Grijalva Canales, El Puente Research Fellow

April Torres, El Puente Research Fellow