Lab Members

Principal Investigator:


Benjamin J. Clark, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Graduate Students:

Gabriela Acosta, B.S. (Psychology)
Project: Lateral Thalamic Function in Spatial Memory and after Prenatal Alcohol Exposure


Lilliana Sanchez, M.S. (Psychology)
Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA Predoctoral Fellowship (F31 NIAAA) 2022-2025
Alcohol Research Training in Neurosciences Program (T32 NIAAA) 2020-2022
Neuroscience Scholars Program 2017-2019
Project: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and Hippocampal Dynamics during Learning and Memory


Tia Donaldson, M.S. (Psychology)
Neuroscience Scholars Program 2020-2022
Project: Binge Alcohol Exposure and Path Integration

Undergraduate Research Assistants:

Seth David (Psychology)
Project: Binge Alcohol Exposure and Exploratory Behavior

Ariyana LaCour (Chemical Engineering/Pharmacy)
Project: Theta-Gamma Coupling in Mouse and Rat Models of Alzheimer’s disease

Zara Roy (Psychology)
Project: Binge Alcohol Exposure and Path Integration

Kehiry Trejo Rico (Psychology)
Project: Prenatal Alcohol Exposure and One-Trial (Episodic-Like) Spatial Memory

Enhui Wang (Psychology/Family & Child Studies)
Project: Lateral Thalamus, Spatial Frames of Reference, and Effects of Alcohol on Memory

Lab Alumni:

Over 50 students have participate in our research program. This includes students enrolled in graduate studies (MS and PhD programs) and the Psychology Honors program, including a recipient of the Rachael Dowler Outstanding Honors Thesis Award. Graduate students have participated in the Alcohol Research Training in Neurosciences Program (T32 NIAAA). We have also had undergraduate students participate in Psych 499 courses, the McNair Scholar program, El Puente Research Fellow program, PREP Scholar program, New Mexico AMP, IMSD Student program, and UNM ASSURE program. Some of our alumni have gone onto professional, post-doctoral, and graduate studies. Below is a partial list of our alumni and where they are now. 

Jessica Walker, Psych 499 – Nursing Student (UNM)

Rhudovic Ramos, Psych 499 – Technician at Cancer Care Center (UNM)

Judit Huerta, McNair Scholar – Grad Student (Arizona State)

Erin Melendrez, Psych 499 – Biomedical Research Institute of New Mexico

Tram Le, Psych 499 – Biotechnologist at BennuBio

Gabriela Acosta, Psych 499 – Grad student (UNM)

Kimberly Rogge-Obando, McNair Scholar – Grad student in Neuroscience (Vanderbilt)

Zachary Villasenor, Psych 499 – Technician (UNM)

Laura Berkowitz, PhD student – Post-doc (Cornell)

Ryan Harvey, PhD student (T32 ARTN trainee) – Post-doc (Cornell)

Jonathan Goss, Technician – Systems Administrator at SystemsMD

Monica Goncalves-Garcia, Psych 499 – Grad student (UNM)

Danielle Benthem, Psych 499 – Grad student (Florida State)

Krystalyn Madden, Psych 499 – Clinical Mental Health Counselor

Jack Madden, Psych 499 – Grad student (UNM)

Shannon Thompson, PREP Scholar – Technician (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center)

Elizabeth Sneddon-Yepez, Psych 499 – Post-doc (UCSD)

Lilliana Sanchez, Psych 499 – Grad student (UNM)