Lab Members

Principal Investigator:


Benjamin J. Clark, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Psychology 

Graduate Students:


Laura Berkowitz, M.S. (Psychology) 
Project: Head Direction Cells in the TgF344-AD Rat Model of Alzheimer’s disease


Tia Donaldson, M.S. (Psychology) 
Project: Locus Coeruleus and Memory


Ryan Harvey, M.S. (Psychology)
Student in the Alcohol Research Training in Neurobiology Program (T32 NIAAA) 2017-2020
Project: Hippocampal Place Cells and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure


Lilliana Sanchez, M.S. (Psychology)
Student in the Alcohol Research Training in Neurobiology Program (T32 NIAAA) 2020-2023
Project: Neural Basis of Paired-Associate Memory in Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Ronald E. McNair Scholars:

Judit Huerta, (Criminology/Psychology)
Project: Role of Anterior and Lateral Thalamus in Spatial Behavior 

Honorary Lab Members!


Jack Madden, B.A. (Psych Grad Student in Pentkowski Lab) 
Project: Hippocampal Parvalbumin Cell Loss After Prenatal Alcohol Exposure


Monica Goncalves-Garcia, B.A. (Psych Grad Student in Hamilton Lab) 
Project: Organization of Exploratory Behavior and Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Clark Lab Alumni:

Over 30 undergraduate students have participate in our research program. This includes students enrolled in the Psych 499 Independent Study course and Psychology Honors program, including a recipient of the Rachael Dowler Outstanding Honors Thesis Award. We have also had students participate in the McNair Scholar program, El Puente Research Fellow program, PREP Scholar program, and IMSD Student program. Some of our alumni have gone onto professional and graduate studies. Below is a partial list of our alumni and where they are now. 

Kimberly Rogge-Obando, McNair Scholar – now a McNair Scholar in Hogeveen Lab at UNM

Monica Goncalves-Garcia, Psych 499 – now a Psych Grad Student at UNM

Margaret Austin, Psych Honors – now an RA at the Center for Applied Research and Analysis

Danielle Benthem, Psych 499 – now a Psych Grad Student at Florida State U

Jack Madden, Psych 499 – now a Psych Grad Student at UNM

Krystalyn Sanchez, Psych 499 – now a Grad Student in Mental Health Counseling at UNM

Shannon Thompson, PREP Scholar – now a Psych Grad Student at Miami U

Elizabeth Sneddon-Yepez, Psych 499 – now a Psych Grad Student at Miami U

Lilliana Sanchez, Psych 499 – now a Psych Grad Student at UNM