Psychology 240, Brain and Behavior (click here for recent Syllabus)

A general survey of the biological foundations of behavior. Topics include the neurobiology of movement, sensation, vision, language, and memory.

Psychology 344, Human Neuropsychology (click here for recent Syllabus)

This course is concerned primarily with the organization of the human brain, the manner in which the brain normally produces thoughts, feelings, movements, perceptions, memories, etc., and the manner in which neuropsychologists go about evaluating the consequences of brain disease, disorders, and repair. The course is intended for students with some exposure to the biological basis of behavior.

Psychology 345, Neuroscience of Aging & Dementia

A general survey of topics in the cognitive and brain sciences of aging and dementia. Topics include the etiology of dementia subtypes, treatment, management, and the socioeconomic impact of an increasingly older population demographic.

Psychology 450, Philosophy of Neuroscience (click here for recent Syllabus)

This special topic course is designed to critically examine the philosophical assumptions about mind-brain relationships that are foundational to the field of cognitive neuroscience.

Psychology 499, Independent Study

UNM undergraduates can learn about conducting psychobiology research by participating as a member of our research team. Academic credit is available to students who participate in this research opportunities by enrolling in PSY 499. Arrangements are made between the student and Dr. Clark.